The Top 2 Apps for Saving Your Battery on an Android Device

Everyone with a smartphone of some kind or another knows the retched pitfall of owning one, the battery life. No matter how good the battery life claims to be on paper there will almost certainly be a significantly shorter lifespan in the real world with regular use. This horrible reality, which may be more accurately described as a nightmare, is one of the hardest things to combat in the ownership of an Android device. Luckily with the help of two free apps you can harness the power inside of your device and make the battery last as long as possible, and far longer than you thought it was capable of.

Easy Battery Saver :


This app is for everyone. It is simple to use, free, and seriously helps. This app serves one purpose; it will extend the life of your battery by either one of the preset battery conservation modes, or you can create a custom one just for your needs. It allows many settings which are hard to find or difficult to find the settings for all in one easy place. Things such as connecting to mobile data, WiFi, and app closings are all able to be controlled in the app with almost no effort. Even settings control what your phone does and uses while you sleep so you don’t have to wake up to a phone that’s already half dead. It also comes with a tutorial so you can see exactly how to benefit from each and every one of the settings. It can save you almost 50% of your battery if all of the features are maximized effectively.

Easy Task Killer Advanced :


One of the main issues with battery life comes down to the usage of the phone and the way it accesses apps, widgets, and files. Most of the time there are apps running dormant but they are eating up huge chunks of the battery. There is quite an easy solution to this with the Easy Task Killer app. This allows you to simply open a view of every single active app that is being used, check boxes next to them and close the ones you don’t need running out. This is a huge saver of battery since you can legitimately close out every single app you don’t need all at once, and stop a massive amount of needless memory usage.

With these two apps you can have your Android device juiced up way longer than usual and not have to be a slave to the power outlet. These were supposed to be mobile devices and maybe now you can actually stay mobile with them.

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