Cloud Music Player: AudioBox now Available on iPhone

The long awaited addition to the arsenal of music playing for your iPhone is now available on the iTunes App Store. AudioBox, the cloud supported music player, allows you to stream your music to anywhere.

Wherever this “cloud” is I want to look into the sky and thank it. For way too long I have been chained by the restrictions of my device’s memory, but with cloud based storage it takes all of those worries away completely. Now that it’s on iPhone with the infamous lack of SD storage capabilities I can make the most of the stock GBs.

No more storage worries and memory alerts now since you can have all of your music stored in a cloud and not in your actual device. Open up all of that memory for yourself and things you really need on your phone. While that is the main plus of this app, it doesn’t end there. This app was designed with the iPhone 5 in mind harboring retina ready display designs to maximize the incredible resolution potential locked inside.

This is a simple app. In it’s essence it’s really just another streaming music app. The difference here is that it’s a n undeniable quality that you expect from AudioBox and it’s all of your music. All of your songs, the ones you actually want to hear, and all of your playlists for driving, or commuting or tuning out your relatives. It’s everything you would want in a cloud based storage for your streaming music. Since I downloaded it I haven’t looked back. It’s a perfect app for iPhone and I don’t see it getting overtaken for some time.

Don’t be held back by your device’s storage or your streaming music apps terrible recommended playlists anymore. Get AudioBox and take all of the stress out of your day’s music playing activity.

Source: AudioBox for iOS


[Image Credit: Apple iTunes Store]

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