Best File and Folder Locking Software’s for Windows 10 PC

Whether you are a business or personal user, it is important to have some form of folder locking software in place for all your document data, else maybe some unauthorized user can access these files. That’s why it is essential for a business or personal user to ensure they have put some lock that will protect from such unauthorized access.
Software vendor shave introduced new ways for protecting these data files by comping up with Locking software’s. It is piece of cake in an environment like windows, because they’re so many tools available for protecting your folders and files, that you will have hard time deciding which option is the best. If you are confused with so many file lock applications all over the internet, we have perfect compiled list to solve all the issues.

Folder Lock:

One of the most trusted file lockers for windows pc, Folder Lock has enhanced its product quality with protected folder. Folder Lock acts as a one-stop solution for password protecting files, encrypting them, backups in real time, share files and clear the history with moments. This tool enables users to back up your important data in two ways, you can either keep your folders or files locally in your storage or you could upload them to Cloud server. It not only encrypts files but also enable to migrate it to USB or burn it on to CD or DVD. However, this software comes with a price tag. Free trial version is available, whereas the paid version cost you 39$ which is one-time cost.

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IObit Protected Folder

IObit is arguably best software for keeping your folders and files safe in Windows environment. IObit software provides you with two different ways of protecting your folders. you can either make use of the Block access feature or you can use the Privacy Protection. This tool provides very easy interface, just create a password and confirm it. After that drag and drop folder and they will remain protected from outsiders. The tool not only provides protection from outsiders but also keeps it safe from malicious attacks. IObit Protected Folder offers you a free trial version whereas the paid version costs $19.95.

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Secret Disk

Secret Disk is folder locking tool developed by PrivacyRoot for Windows OS. You just put your secret folder and files and protect them with password or make them invisible from outsiders. Instead of creating password folders, this software creates virtual Disk on your system. This disk is then used to store all secret information inside. you can also password protect this virtual disk. Secret Disk basic version is available free of cost. However, Pro version cost your $14.95.

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