CamSpeed App for Windows Phone

CamSpeed is revolutionizing the way we see, literally, the camera and imaging capabilities on our smart phones. It’s no surprise that with a great quality camera strapped into every single phone hitting the market that there is a ton of competition and claims getting thrown around about which cameras are best. The marketers can claim anything they want but the true tests come from the pictures and the users. CamSpeed is basically a testing app for your phone. Although this doesn’t sound like loads of fun, it actually surprisingly is. CamSpeed runs your device through a battery of tests and then lets you view the results and then compare it to other devices.

While allowing you to compare lighting, speed, low light imaging compared to other cameras on other phones you can get a really great idea of how your camera really matches up and if those commercials touting the ability to take pictures in near darkness are based on any truth.

While this isn’t a huge app the information it provides is really great. Especially considering that these phones on the Windows 8 market have huge marketing campaigns based in how great the Nokia line of Windows phone’s cameras are. This really will put them to the test to put their money, or pictures, where there mouths, or advertising is.

This isn’t your Temple Run or Angry Birds, but to see how your camera measures up it is a fun and interesting app to use.

Source: CamSpeed for Windows Phone

[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]


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