Recordium: Highlight, Annotate, and Edit Voice Recordings

Recording lectures, interviews, or just people talking for sound bites has become another vital function of iOS devices. Their portability has rendered capturing speech incredibly easy. Although the stock app for this is good, there was a lot of room for improvement. This was seen and implemented by Recordium, an app that allows recording to be edited, annotated and even highlighted. It improves in almost every area that there were holes in the stock app and does so in a very user friendly way.

It’s always a tough line to walk where the simplicity of one app turns into gaudy and unnecessary features on the next. It seems Recordium has found a great balance while allowing and introducing new features into the voice recording app while keeping the interface very simple and easy to use. Without the ability to edit these recordings the only choice was to listen through minutes or hours of sound to find out the section you wanted. With the ability to go through and edit, cut, and shorten specific areas of the recording this is no longer a problem. You can now splice out areas of silence, or parts that you don’t need. This not only makes the file shorter, but allows the recording to only consist of what you want and need.

The ability to include annotations is another amazing aspect of Recordium. You can add as many little notes or even pictures to the recording along the parts that you need them to show exactly where relevant areas are and what you might need to remember about them. If you no longer need one, a simple, single tap will remove the tag and you can forget all about it.

The best part of the app is the recording quality control. You can choose which quality you want the recording to be done in which allows massive recordings to only take up miniscule amounts of space. You can also choose to compress the files in MP4 which can make an hour long recording as small as 30 MB.

All of these amazing features coupled with great file sharing to online cloud services makes this app just as useful as it is expansive with features. You can easily transport these to email services or anywhere else you want as well directly from the Recordium app. Right now this app is free, but it will almost surely not stay this way. Try it out for free and start exploring the wonderful world of Recordium for yourself.

Source: Recordium for iPhone

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