I’m Free! How to Watch Youtube and Other Videos on a Floating Frame on an Android

Ever since the inception of YouTube apps and the ability of someone to watch a streaming video on an Android or smart phone has been the problem of keeping that specific window open and on top to not ruin the streaming or the loading of the content. It’s been a long hard battle, but finally there’s a solution. Here are two apps which feature a solution to this dilemma.

Super Video, Floating and Pop Up ;


This app features the ability to not only watch video but to use the floating window as a browser or any other number of options. It’s a great app for those of us who have 2 windows open and 2o tabs open on each window on our laptops. It’s a great app for a multi-tasker. Although there is not direct YouTube support, you can open up the site in the browser and watch that way. The customizability of the window size is great and can transition seamlessly from my phone to my tablet. It works really well no matter the size of the device. If you’re really into getting a lot done at once you can even open up 6 windows in one floating window for an even more inclusive experience.

Floating YouTube Pop Up Video ;


This app basically does exactly what it sounds like. It allows the user to watch streaming YouTube videos without having to close down for calls, texts, emails or anything else. You can’t beat the free price of the app and it does what it does very well with a clean and user friendly interface. This app also features the size adjustment so it can be used well on any size screen.

Never have to deal with closing out one app to watch your video, or waste all of that load time because you get a random call. These Pop Up apps to have a floating video are the best option to avoid those headaches and get more done at once. Everyone knows you can’t simply wait to watch that funny cat video, so don’t!

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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