Apple’s Recommended Apple Watch Cleaning Guide

As with any device, the Apple Watch is bound to accumulate grease, dust, sweat and grime from daily use. This is especially true as it is being worn on the wrist and likely to encounter a wide variety of environments. Apple has kindly provided a simple guide for users to keep their Apple Watch shiny and clean and their skin free of irritation. Some users have reported mild rashes from the wearing the watch, and certainly some people have more sensitive skin than others. People can also have a lot of variation in their sensitivity or allergic reaction to various materials and so Apple has also listed the materials used in each version of the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is made of stainless steel, the Apple Watch Sport is aluminum, and the Apple Watch Edition is 18-Karat gold. If you have a known sensitivity to any of these metals, it would be wise to go with the version that won’t irritate your skin. The watch bands also come in a variety of materials from fluoroelastomer to leather to stainless steel so the same conditions apply if you know any of these might annoy your skin.

The Apple Watch is water resistant so the main cleaning advice from Apple is to use a mildly damp cloth to wipe away sweat, grease, and dirt that has accumulated on the watch and band. You should avoid alcohol based cleaners as these can damage the materials on the watch or band. Apple also recommends not using abrasives, soaps, or heaters to dry and clean the watch as these can also damage the surface or the materials in the watch and band.

Apple also stresses that you should use some general outlines in wearing the watch to avoid rashes. Such things as ensuring a proper watch band fit on your wrist that is not overly tight or loose, keeping both the watch and your skin underneath clean and dry, and as mentioned before, choosing the right band material for your skin.

Follow these simple recommendations and you should comfortably wear that beautiful new Apple Watch for many years to come!

Official Apple Watch Cleaning and Wearing Guide

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