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Pebble Time Smartwatch Shipments 27 May 2015

Very exciting news is making the rounds for early Kickstarter backers of the latest model of the Pebble smartwatch, the color e-ink Pebble Time. Shipments of the Pebble Time and premium Pebble Time Steel are set to begin on May 27th and backers will be receiving their shiny new watches soon thereafter. Backers will be sent a confirmation e-mail within the next few days to finalize their orders for the particular Pebble Time they want. Once shipments are received by distribution centers, you can also track the shipment so you know exactly when your beautiful new smartwatch is going to arrive.

This being a Kickstarter product, not every backer will receive their watch at the exact same time or all at once. Some people will need to be a bit more patient but everyone will eventually receive their Pebble Time with minimal delay. With an update this big, it’s looking to be very worth the wait whether you’ve ordered the standard Pebble Time or the Pebble Time Steel.

Speaking of updates, the release of the Pebble Time coincides with a major overhaul and update of Pebble features in general. Pebble has worked hard to bring full Android and iOS support for the both the original Pebble and the new Pebble Time watches. Now users of the two biggest mobile OSes can fully enjoy using the Pebble or even switch between them if they use both Android and iOS devices. Pebble has removed the 8-app limit, allowed for unlimited watch faces, and support for smart swapping of apps between your phone and the Pebble Time. It sounds like a very promising and major update in usability that should give other smartwatches a serious run for their money.


Just a few more weeks and Pebble fans will get to enjoy a beautiful color e-ink display that last up to a full week on a single charge! It’s Pebble Time baby!

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