Pilo 1, 2, & 3 – The 3D Interactive Adventure Game to Get Your Kids to Bed at Night

There are a plethora of apps for the iPad that are geared towards children. In fact, learning and experiencing is one of the greatest advantages that children in this age of technology have going for them. With the tablet structure they can easily use their fingers to develop their dexterity and brain at the same time. There is an award winning series of interactive, 3D story books called Pilo for the iPad. These stories are not only incredibly entertaining and make it easy to learn and follow for any kid, but they now offer another amazing feature.

Every parent, babysitter, or caretaker has had to deal with a child that simply would not go to bed, or threw a fit at the mention of a bedtime. Pilo is now here to help. In the second installment of the app, Pilo 2: The Pillow Fairy, Pilo takes an adventure of sleepy time proportions and allows the reader, or the child being read to, to take on a whole new experience of bedtimes. The character of the Pillow Fairy makes bedtime an adventure and takes the dread out of sleeping and replaces it with joy and intrigue.

The waking nightmare of the child who refuses to sleep will exist no longer with the aid of Pilo 2: The Pillow Fairy. The Pilo series in general hasn’t won almost every award there is for being useless, and not worthy of the praise. Pilo is one of those childhood classics of this generation. They will grow up not with paper books and bound tales, but with interactive, 3D animations on tablets and mobile devices. This shift is drastic, but not for the worse. Make sure to check out all of the three Pilo installments for your child’s learning pleasure: Pilo 1: Interactive Children’s Story Book 3D Animation and Puzzle Game, Pilo 2: The Pillow Fairy, and Pilo 3: Interactive Children’s Story Book 3D Animation Cooking Game.

Pilo will add an all new element of excitement and learning joy to any child’s life. Make sure to check it out and find out what Pilo can help teach your child, or even get them to look forward to nap time.

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Pilo 1: Story Book3D Animation-Puzzle Game

Pilo 2: The Pillow Fairy

Pilo 3: Story Book-3D Animation-Cooking Game

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