Apalon Releases ‘Pimp Your Screen’ App for Android

Pimp Your Screen is a collection of wallpapers and widgets to help you personalize your Android device. With the provided wallpapers, you can change your device to suit your style. The widgets make it easy to get a quick info update or control some of the basic device settings.

Pimp Your Screen comes with two separate sections : wallpapers and widgets. There are six wallpaper categories to choose from including Abstract, Cartoon, Holidays, Sci-Fi, Sports and Nature. Each category has about a dozen wallpapers to choose from so there is probably something to fit your style. The app promises to have periodic updates with new wallpapers too, which adds some value to the app. You can also sort the wallpapers by their popularity or find the most recent new releases. The wallpapers can be set to change at a specified time and can also be set from within the app, both convenient features.

The widgets on offer complement the feel of the rest of the app. Many of them are bright and just a little obnoxious but they should be if you really want to ‘pimp’ your device. The widgets range from battery, weather, and clock widgets to simple toggle switches for commonly used settings like WiFi, brightness, rotation, etc. Pimp Your Screen only shows a simple image for each widget, so you’ll have to try each one out to see if you actually like it. Like any widget, they can either be distracting and get in the way, or they can be a great way to bring some life to your home screen. It’s all a matter of personal preference.

Pimp Your Screen is available now on Google Play for $0.99. It’s a solid wallpaper and widget collection.

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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