5 Great Android Games For Summer

Summer is a great time to kick back and enjoy life with a little playtime. Try these five fantastic games for Android to help you get into the summer groove.

Crazy Taxi


This classic from SEGA arrives for Android devices and features the same crazy driving antics as the original as you race to help cabby fares. This edition has some new modes, music, and tweaks to gameplay to make it more mobile friendly, though you can still play Classic mode. From veteran fans of the Dreamcast version to newcomers, this is an experience you shouldn’t miss.

Tiny Thief


In Tiny Thief, you must help a mischievous thief take treasures and avoid perilous settings and cunning foes. It’s a point-and-click adventure with dozens of puzzles and easter egg style secrets to find. The graphics and art are beautifully done too, ranging from castles and dungeons to pirate ships.

Sprinkle Islands


Sprinkle is a heroic little firetruck that bravely puts out fires that plague some peaceful tropical islands. You’ll travel to four different islands and use Sprinkle’s unique water cannon to solve a series of fluid physics based puzzles. The graphics are cheery and colorful and the puzzles are fun too.

Pacific Rim


To match the blockbuster movie of the summer, Pacific Rim lets you take the helm of the mighty robot warrior Jaegars to battle dozens of fierce monsters known as Kaiju. Choose from five upgradeable Jaegars and take on Story or Survival modes to save the planet from destruction.

Turd Birds


Anyone who’s ever been hit by some rude bird droppings might want to see how it feels from the other end. In Turd Birds, you’ll get the second best thing as you take control of some silly birds as they hunt for unsuspecting targets below. You must avoid aerial obstacles like helicopters, toxic fumes, and UFOs as you aim to drop a precision bird turd. You can even link your Facebook and the targets become photos from your friends!

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