FX Studio HD: An Amazing Photo Editing App for iPad

Every once in a while a photo editing app comes along that is actually worth some praise. Most of the editing apps out there today revolve around the same basic filters, overplayed effects, and can essentially be obsoleted by a simple Instagram filter. FX Studio HD, by MacPhun is a very welcome change into this market. They have created what some photo editors out there refer to as the “light room for iPad”.

The thing that sets this app apart from others is not only the interface which is one of the most seamless and easy to use ones out there, but the amount of effects that actually work and create high quality alterations to default pictures is incredible. With over 190 effects, you’d expect a lot of repeat, or somewhat duplicate editing to be going on, but that’s not the case at all. All that crazily high number means is that there are actually that many different effects you can apply to a photo. That feature alone makes this app worth checking out, but there is much more.

The app is not your ordinary run of the mill editing app, this is one that can create effects which are very professional. The ability to create and edit layers, frames and adjust colors also makes this not just an effect filter or lens app.

Once you are finished with your editing you can easily export the image to any source, cloud storage, or social media through a one click share feature. You can also have postcards or photos ordered from the app and shipped anywhere in the world.

The price was just dropped to 1.99 in celebration of the new update so now is the time to jump on this deal. If you have any interest in quality photo editing and image manipulation this is an app you owe to yourself to check out. A novice in editing like me found it incredible and I barely used half of the features to even remotely the extent they were capable of.

Source: FX Photo Studio HD for iPad

[Image Credit: iTunes Store]

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