Now Save Web Contents to Google Drive with the New Chrome ‘Save to Drive’ Extension

Google has announced an update to Chrome just today that allows you to save directly the contents of the website to Google Drive in just no time. Google Drive is software by Google that was released on April 2012 that lets you to save files, transfer them instantly to all the other devices and access them from anywhere. It comes with a memory space of 5 GB and requires subscription to get more space.

How It Can Be Done :

You can save the web contents by using the new extension feature added to Chrome that is called ‘Save to Google Drive’ Extension. It can be done by either using browser action or the context menu. The content that you can save can be an image, a document, the whole web page, only the hyperlink and many more. It requires only right clicking the content. It will then move to the Google Drive and you can easily access it afterwards from any other device.

Features :

In addition to this, the feature offered by the update includes the options that allow you to control and use the contents you saved in the way you want. For instance, you can rename the files, move them to other folder or can even share it with anyone. Moreover, the saved images can also be managed and organized with the help of the available choices like Zoom, fit to page and much more. The tools are also available that can even enhance the image you saved.

Google always comes up with something interesting to offer to the world and it is always more user friendly than its previous version. The update offered by Google today is one of its kinds making people’s life simpler and it also saves on their precious time.

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