Windows RT: The OS That Couldn’t Keep Up

Windows is a massive company. Their multifaceted approach to technology has won them numerous places in the homes of many people. From Xbox to PCs and Windows 8 the wide variety of it all has been impressive. Windows RT has fallen to the wayside.

Windows RT is not even really known. Chances are you’ve heard of Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, but probably haven’t heard anything of RT before. It’s not surprising. For such a large portion of their market involving this operating system, it’s shocking that it has almost no publicity. When you look into the performance it’s not surprising why.

Windows RT is the operating system equivalent to the untalented sibling. Windows 8 is the child who always did exceedingly well in school, received all of the praise, and got all of the awards. Windows RT is the other sibling who tried so hard to be like Windows 8 but never really got anywhere. The opening screen, layout and overall appearance of RT is almost identical to Windows 8. The biggest misstep in the operating system is the compatibility. This may come as a shock since it is so hard to believe Windows would do this, but Windows RT CANNOT run apps and programs made for Windows 8. The code source is similar but different enough to make them incompatible.

Microsoft is the only large company to support this kind of system where two operating systems for one kind of device (tablets) are supported at the same time. It is crazy, nonsensical, and is surely creating a massive headache for consumers who purchase RT in hopes of running their favorite Windows 8 apps.

This ploy started out as a way to get people a cheaper entry into the Windows tablet market, but in the end I see this ending up as a nightmare that may have received initial consumers of the product, but will end up having much more displeased and unhappy recipients of the ARM Windows RT operating system.

Although at this point it seems like Microsoft has been quietly sticking to their guns, and will do nothing to rectify this egregious misstep of technology, only time will tell. Until then, skip the Windows RT based devices and spend a little but more on a much more complete and compatible Windows 8 device.

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