Temple Run 2 For Android Finally Arrives!

A week ago Temple Run 2 was released into the Apple App store. This marked one of the fastest and most hyped app games releases of all time. The original Temple Run was synonymous with mobile gaming. It was one of the fastest growing and most popular games apps that the world has seen. It was loved by children, adults and everyone in between.

The sequel to this game has been long awaited and the hype surrounding it has been building fever with every day, every rumor, and every leak. With the new game the premise is the same, run! The new and exciting features in this game include more obstacles, newer ways to travel through the maps, more power ups, and of course better graphics.

It’s great when games of this magnitude are published cross platform within a close time period. It allows the entire mobile gaming world to share the excitement at the same time and not have one OS jealous over the other or create a divide.

Temple Run 2 will not disappoint. It has the same hectic pace, the same heart racing adventure, and the same addictive gameplay of the first installment just with more features and a better overall experience. Everything that made Temple Run great is still in Temple Run 2.

Downloading this game will be one of the best decisions of your day, that is, if you don’t need to get anything done. This addicting game will take up most of your free time and most likely take over some of your needed time as well. Who can’t resist trying to escape and getting those tokens? After all, the graphics and new features make it even more personal of an adventure for your character to navigate through.

There’s no telling how big Temple Run 2 will get, but if the first is any indicator this will soon be the most talked about and most downloaded game app of the year.

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[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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