Windows 10 Release Date and Pricing Rumors

Windows fans that have been looking out for the next version, you’re in luck. Recently, listings were spotted for online retailers that indicated Windows 10 would be available to order and ship at the end of August. After these rumors spread, Microsoft officially announced that Windows 10 would be released on July 29th for the downloadable version. It’s not yet known if that coincides with the physical release though it’s likely that the physical version will be released a little bit later than the digital one.

Along with this information, online retailers revealed the price for a Windows 10 Home edition and the Windows 10 Premium edition. Windows 10 Home will apparently run $109 while Windows 10 Premium will retail for $149. This is keeping in line with prices for current versions of Windows 8.1 so no surprises there.


If you’re not aware, Windows 10 will be offered as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users within the first year. This is great for people who might want to upgrade from Windows 7 or who weren’t completely satisfied with the troubled Windows 8. As long as you claim the upgrade within a year of Windows 10 being launched, you’ll receive it for free as well as all future updates. It’s a generous and clever move on the part of Microsoft since Apple has begun giving away OS updates as well and mobile continues to grow.

The wait for the next version of Windows is almost over. In less than two months, we can all try out the latest and greatest from Microsoft. It’s designed to be cleaner and lighter than ever to run on both mobile and desktop devices. It should be interesting to see how Microsoft ties everything together and if Windows 10 is truly the upgrade everyone has been waiting for. They decided to skip the number 9 entirely, so here’s hoping that it was worth the wait.

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