Clutch: New Mobile Wallet For Android

Think about all of the shopping you do on a daily basis. Most of it is done with credit cards, or debit cards and all that really is, is information being sent across internet lines to tell when money needs to be transferred. With the ever growing number of uses for our smart phones, it is becoming more and more easy to use them as a form of payment and to use them to find the best ways to shop with sales and coupons. This new app for Android, called Clutch, will be a similar concept to those familiar with Passport for iOS. It is a mobile payment app which allows the user the freedom to use their smart phone as a virtual debit or credit card.

Not only is Clutch a payment format for a smart phone, but it also combines the ability to send and receive daily deals, the best buying options and gift giving all in one pseudo-social network style app. This is truly a revolutionary platform for Android and if this takes off, which it seems like it will, this will revolutionize the way we do business transactions in our modern day. Get on with this style of payment and personal finance and stay ahead of the curve with Clutch for Android.

This app also features a Shopping Feed which is essentially a list of products that updates repeatedly over time to make sure you can stay up to date on what you might like and what you need to do to stay with the best deals being offered that are relevant to your shopping trends.

Source: Clutch App for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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