Watch Discovery, TLC, and Animal Planet On Windows Phone 8

Discovery Network has simultaneously released three separate apps for their most popular channels. These include Discovery, TLC, and Animal Planet. They are separate apps but each is very similar in layout and functionality. When you start the app up, you’re greeted with the ‘Featured’ section with tiles for the most popular shows on that particular channel. If the show you want isn’t in that section, you can swipe over to a full list of shows or search for one by text or voice. Each show comes with a full description, extra clips, full episodes, and listings for air times. There is the option to share your favorite episode on social media as well.

The player is simple but all you really need, with a start and pause button and seek bar that can be tapped to jump to a particular spot. The player only works in landscape mode which is also for the best as you get the largest viewing area possible. For those who are always forgetting when the next episode is airing or can’t keep track of all their favorite shows, the apps come with helpful schedules and listings for all upcoming episodes. You can even choose to pin them to your calendar to remind you when a certain episode will air.

If you’re a fan of any of Discovery Network’s shows, check out these three convenient apps for mobile viewing. All three are available free for Windows Phone 8 on the Windows Phone Store.

-> Discovery for Windows Phone

-> Animal Planet For Windows Phone

-> TLC App for Windows Phone

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