Speed Up your Device With Memory Booster for Android

Has your beloved Android smartphone or tablet turned sluggish on you? The problem could be memory leaks from misbehaving apps or fragmented memory. In either case, Memory Booster can tame those wild apps and reclaim memory to speed up your experience. Memory Booster works by continuously monitoring how your device is using memory, both in RAM and the main device storage. A bug in an app or an app left running too long can lead to large memory leaks that go unnoticed and eat away at your device’s RAM. Once that happens, everything slows down to a painful crawl and you may find yourself wanting to throw that tablet or phone out the window.

Memory Booster watches for these kinds of memory leaks from naughty apps and reclaims memory in RAM that is not being used properly. More RAM means more speed, it’s that simple. Your storage can also become fragmented over time which can lead to slower loading times in apps and overall performance declines. Memory Booster has a defragmentation feature that can organize your data storage to speed everything up. The real-time monitor lets you view stats on memory usage and how much is being freed by the app but you can also use Quick Boost to free up extra memory with a single tap. Auto-Boost lets you control how aggressive the app will be in freeing up memory. It also has built in crash protection to watch for times when memory usage reaches an unstable level and will fix it automatically for you. For those apps that refuse to behave, there is an included Task Killer to shut it down manually.

Memory Booster is available now on Google Play free for the limited version or $2.99 for the full version. Check it out if your device is getting lazy.

Source: Memory Booster RAM Optimizer for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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