Find Work With JobLens By Nokia

JobLens is a comprehensive and powerful assistant for job seekers from Nokia. The app draws from a variety of some of the biggest players in job networking and combines them into a single experience. Anyone who has spent countless hours searching for, applying to, and rushing to interviews for jobs will appreciate the convenience of having everything coordinated in a single app. JobLens uses popular services like LinkedIn, Facebook, Indeed, and Twitter to keep you on top of the latest job listings with less hassle.

Once you’ve linked your appropriate social networks and data to the app, it will automatically generate a helpful list called ‘Jobs Near Me’, based on that data. Based on the people you’re connected to and the type of work you’re looking for, jobs that are right for you will be tagged and displayed on a map and in a list. Even better, the augmented viewer uses the phone’s camera to overlay specific jobs nearby in real time so you can search for jobs on the spot with a sweep of your phone. Or, get turn-by-turn directions to the job location with ‘Get You There’ once you’ve landed an interview.

JobLens uses the power of Live Tiles and Microsoft’s SkyDrive to keep you up to date on the progress of your search. You can pin specific job listings to the Start Screen and check up on them repeatedly or retrieve and update your resume with SkyDrive. Nokia has really thought of nearly everything a job seeker could want with this app.

JobLens is available for all Nokia Lumia users running Windows Phone 8 on the Windows Phone Store. If you want to relieve some of the stress of searching for jobs and are tired of running from site to site, give it a try.

Source: JobLens for Windows Phone

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