Utter! Voice Command Personal Assistant App for Android

The first thing people think these days when they hear about an app that functions as a personal assistant of sorts is Siri. This leaves a lot of catching up for anything other than an iPhone user to have to do. Well, Utter!, is taking a stab at it, and it seems like they have all of their aspirations in line.

Siri is great, not nearly as great as in the commercials, but it’s still really good and useful, but it takes a decent data connection and an even stronger amount of background phone usage. This is what Utter! Aims to reduce. Utter! Allows most functions to be performed while the device is not online or connected to data. This means that not only is the data usage much smaller, but the battery usage footprint is much less as well.

The app is still in the development stage so they are looking for more and more people to download it and give it a test run. Here’s your chance to turn your Android phone into an extension of your hipster aspirations and get something before anyone else knows about it!

In essence this app is very similar to a Siri type personal assistant, but the disconnects make it able to go beyond that. It isn’t just a copy, it aims to improve upon aspects of the Apple equivalent and make it a better user experience. Since it is still in testing only time will tell how successful they will be or how big of a following this app can garner. One thing is for sure, if it works well, which it seems to be doing, then it probably will serve to be the Android equivalent of a Siri level personal assistant.

Google Play: utter! Voice Commands BETA For Android

[Images Credit: Google Play Store]

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