Hola: The Web Acceleration and Unblocking App for Android or PC

If you live in certain regions of the world internet censorship is simply a way of life. The information super highway that is supposed to be there for everyone can be completely obstructed by government or other services looking to block user access. There are solutions to these blocks, but most come at the price of heavy advertisement space, or significantly reduced speeds. Finally, there is an option which doesn’t have to involve either. Hola is an application which serves as both a web accelerator and an unblocker. This means you can browse web content previously untappable through this service while remaining anonymous.

This app is compatible for most major web browsers from Firefox to Chrome, to Safari. On Android devices it can be run on anything version 2.3 or higher. It has a very clear and obvious interface which allows the user to select the options they want to use and get the most out of the accelerator and unblocking components.

The array of settings to customize your experience with this app are very well rounded and offer you the ability to choose exactly what you hope to get from it. This is by far the best option, app wise, I have come across to access blocked sites and speed up an unblocker. If this is an issue you face in your life then getting this app will provide a very simple solution. Check out Hola and get back to seeing what you want to see, when you want to see it.

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Hola For Windows, Chrome & Firefox

Hola for Android

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