Haze: The New Weather Forecast App for iPhone

Haze is a brand new app to the iTunes App Store. It’s yet another weather forecast app, but this offers class and sleekness along with its functionality. There’s no denying that weather apps are a dime a dozen. The thing is, most of them are clunky, require too many touches to really see what you want or simply just look like a third grader’s school project. This is where Haze separates itself from the pack.

Haze is the weather forecast system of the future. Not necessarily because of what it does, but it does do it all from 5 day to sunshine hours, UV, cloud coverage, sunrise/sunset times, and of course precipitation, but because it looks so uniquely modern. This is what I would expect the weather forecast to look like on some device in the future. It looks so simple yet relays so much and the color schemes and hues make you feel enveloped in the information.

This is a brand new app so there are inevitably going to be issues that arise, but given first impressions Haze has set a good one. It’s a nice new way to really get the weather and not just be presented with the usual array of boring numbers and symbols. It’s simple, but direct and to the point while maintaining a great, sleek interface that users can easily navigate. For only being on the market such a short time it has received rave reviews from customers. Give it a shot and get your weather in style.

Source: Haze for iPhone

[Image Credit: iTunes Store]

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