Upgrade To Windows 10 Pro From Windows 10 Home

If you’ve been happily using the newly released Windows 10, you’re sure to have noticed quite a few new features that have been introduced. There are also many tweaks that make the Windows experience more familiar while pushing modern ideas as well. The vast majority of users will have upgraded from the Windows 7 or 8/8.1 Home version that shipped with their PC or laptop and this is more than adequate for most. The upgrade from the Home version is Windows 10 Pro, which comes with some additional features.


The main features present in the Windows 10 Pro upgrade include BitLocker for encrypting files and your hard drive, Hyper-V for running virtual machines, Remote Desktop to access your PC from anywhere, and support for Domains and Active Azure Directory which are useful for connecting to school and business networks. Most users won’t need these features and there are alternative apps that accomplish the same thing. If you are a business or education user or you just want these features, it’s very easy to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro from the Home version. Just follow these steps.


1. Launch Settings, then click ‘Update & Security’.


2. Select Activation on the left and then click the ‘Go to Store’ button on the right.


3. You’ll be brought to the Windows Store where you can purchase the upgrade to Pro for $99.99 or enter your product key to upgrade to Windows 10.


4. You can confirm and review what type of Windows you have by going to Settings, System, About, and then view which version you have as well as upgrade.

It’s a very simple process and you’ll be able to upgrade in no time at all and begin enjoying the additional features present in the Pro version.

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