Twitter Released Aviary-Powered Photo Filters to iPhone & Android App

Twitter has lately declared that its iPhone and Android apps now offer the feature of Instagram-like image filters. Given the heated side by side between both Instagram and Twitter in the last few days, this was not something surprising, but it did take place a bit earlier than any of us even anticipated. This latest feature is, captivatingly, offered by Aviary, the name behind a renowned online as well as mobile image editing SDK.

Following are the prominent features of the latest mobile Twitter image sharing experience:

  • Filters: Users can easily apply any of the 8 filters, that range from black and white to vintage, adding a completely new feel and look to your images.
  • Takes Bird’s-Eye View: You can check out how each of the filers would affect your image in a grid view, or even can swipe through looks to evaluate the features.
  • Frame The Action: Users can pinch to zoom and crop photos to spotlight attention
  • Auto-enhancement: Users can make their images pop with harmonized colors and lights by tapping the baton.

One the most fascinating and appealing feature the app offers here is the grid view that enables users to have thumbnail previews of how their photos will appear once the filters are applied to them. The option is quite straight and ranges from gritty to cinematic, cool, warm, black and white. In general, this is not a revolutionized feature, nevertheless; the fact is that Twitter was considering releasing the app, and this surely clarifies why Instagram considered to bring down its Twitter integration.

It’s good to see Twitter partnering to release an app. The photo filters are certainly not rocket science, in the end.  The photo-editing experiences are powered by Aviary for numerous apps, including some big names such as Walgreens, Box, Flickr, and as a result perhaps Twitter also decided to join hands with a group that holds a sound base in the industry. Either that or it required to get the feature released out quickly, Twitter considering partnering rather than in-house development.

Apparently, both the companies have worked for past few months and now together they have been able to come up with something that will offer its users with a unique and exceptional experience.

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