The Story Behind Apple’s Blocking Of Microsoft’s SkyDrive Updates On iOS

Apple and Microsoft have mutually shared success and together they have set an example of flourishing business partners. They both have contributed a lot to the advancement of technology in the world. But recently they seem to have broken ties with each other after the dispute and difference of opinions that were raised among them. According to the report by Next Web, the issue was raised after Microsoft refused to give 30% revenue to Apple on SkyDrive subscription by users on IOS as they had demanded. As a result, Apple has blocked and rejected the Skydrive updates on IOS. Apple has this policy according to which they receive the same amount of revenue on all the other applications on IOS as well.

It is to be noted here that iOS is a mobile operating system by Apple and Skydrive is a windows application by Microsoft that allows you to transfer your files to any of your devices and easily access your data from anywhere. It offers you 7 GB of free storage and sharing of data but once it reaches its limits, the user has to subscribe to it in order to use it further. The annual subscription option is recently offered by Microsoft to its users and Microsoft has updated it to all their mobile applications but they are unable to update it on iOS as Apple has not allowed them as they want their demand to be fulfilled. But neither of the two seems to compromise on it and they both stand firm on their decision and the issue remains unsolved. According to the Microsoft, the reason that they are not agreeing upon the Apple’s demand is that Apple will get the revenue each time the user will subscribe to get more space and it will not be just a single time payment of the revenue. Moreover, Microsoft also offered to remove the subscription option to the Skydrive from iOS, still Apple remains firm on its demand to get revenue because according to them the application will still run from their device.

Both Apple and Microsoft stand firm on their resolution and in turn this is only affecting their own users and their fans. Apparently there seems to be no solution to the problem but only if the public shows their response and protest against this, only then the issue could be resolved.

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