ClipCrop: New iOS App to Crop Photos Using Shapes and Characters

Although the name of this app, ClipCrop, might be mistaken for the sound effect for a horse galloping the usefulness of this app for filters, masks, and cropping is quite advanced. It isn’t one of those serious photo editing apps for borderline professionals, but rather a fun app with more techniques and more advanced options than a basic app would come with. It walks the line of function and difficulty perfectly for the average user.

There are a lot of apps that do filters and masks these days, even more that do cropping. So, what makes ClipCrop worth talking about? Well, ClipCrop is an app that really makes the whole thing easy. The user interface is set up incredibly well and makes the whole process seem like a breeze. There is a free version that comes with a few masks and a paid version that has many more masks unlocked. If you’re someone who really gets a kick out of using masks and editing pictures in that way the paid version is a really fun way to get that fix. If masks are ok, but cropping is the real show stopper then the free version will probably be more than enough for you.

The options in app and the set up are super simple and easy to use and learn. The app is constructed perfectly to make sense to someone who has never used it before. The images created and saved can be exported through all email and social media to make spreading your humorous or interesting masterpieces that much smoother. This is also supported for iPad so those who like to work with photos but can’t quite get the feel they want on the smaller iPhone screen can use their iPad to make the most of the mask and editing options.

Source : ClipCrop for iPhone

[Image Credit: Apple iTunes Store]

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