The Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions to Make Gmail Perform Better

Almost everyone uses gmail for their email these days. Whether it’s your primary account, or a sub-account you have linked to some service you subscribe to, gmail is pretty inescapable in our everyday lives. Here are the top 5 Google Chrome extensions to close some of those gaps and answer some of those wishes for features they never quite included as defaults.

1. Mail Checker Plus For Gmail :


This is a toolbar extension basically. It will alert you with a notification if you have received an email and allow you to do everything you would in a full Gmail window through a window that expands when clicked. It is a great time saver and space saver rather than always having a tab open specifically for Gmail. There is also a huge amount of customization preferences with the extension which always help out a lot.

2. KeyRocket :


This is kind of a personal cheat sheet extension for using shortcuts and keyboard presses to have specific actions done while in Gmail. This doesn’t actually alter Gmail in any way, but if you do something in Gmail and you have this extension a little pop up will come up telling you what button press you could have done which would have saved you time. It’s pretty useful if you’re a shortcut junkie like myself. In no time you’ll be navigating Gmail through way more shortcuts than you ever knew existed.

3. Boomerang :


This app is a huge time saver, and sometimes a life saver for those of us who sometimes might be forgetful or even a bit uninspired when remembering to do things with email. Boomerang has saved me a few times, to say the least. It basically allows you to write an email and choose to send it at a later date, or send a recurring email at the same time of day for future messages.

4. WiseStamp Email Signatures :


This is a service which you can link to your Gmail signature. It is incredibly useful for those of us that have social media and blogs and want to include those in the signature of our emails without using code or other much more complex methods. After signing into WiseStamp and linking your networks you can set exactly what you want to show up there from social media to blogs to new blog posts and quotes, really anything you can think of.

5. Rapportive :


Rapportive is a great extension for people who are emailing others with social media profiles. It basically opens up a smaller window within the Gmail message of the person who sent the message containing their information, social media profiles, and even their latest Tweets and posts. Clicking on these posts opens up a new window or tab on the relevant social media network.

 [Image Credit: Chrome Web Store]

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