NARR8: The New and Innovative Experience with Motion Comics

It has been a long time since something truly innovative has hit the world of modern media and entertainment. Since forever the two realms of comic books, cartoon series, and gaming have been their own spheres, untouched and uncombined. NARR8 offers an experience which combines each one of those into a single, amazing user journey.

It is somewhat difficult to even describe what NARR8 is because there is legitimately nothing out there like it. It is part E-reader, to read the content of the comics, part game to interact with the text and characters, and part cartoon to see the movement of the characters in each episode. It really is the best of each of those worlds wrapped up into one package.

I had no idea what to expect when I first saw this app and heard about it. It made almost no sense to involve all of those things into one app. It can sort of be compared to hearing about what we have as a modern IMAX movie to someone only familiar with black and white silent movies. Combining sound and color into that realm seemed almost crazy, but once you experience it the effect is undeniable.

NARR8 comes out with new episodes on a very frequent basis. For the quality of animation and illustration that it has that is truly impressive. There are 6 completely different series being run at this point on NARR8 to follow each with their own story lines and unique animations. You’ll find yourself getting lost in all of the excitement of each one and waiting anxiously for the newest episode to be released. Whether you’re a fan of animated comics, movies, or interactive games or not you’ll see the appeal in the motion comics by NARR8.

Google Play: NARR8 App for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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