Memorylage for Windows 8: Memories and Collages all in One

Windows 8 has been heavily publicized as a service which creates dynamic views and better layouts of images and icons than any other system. The thing is, most of these services are only as good as the operating system or app can utilize them effectively. Memorylage for Windows 8 is a great app that allows photo cropping and editing to fit into a new layout. This means making a digital collage of sorts of your memories, hence the app name, “Memorylage”.

Gone are the days of painstakingly cutting out clips of newspapers, magazines and other media for collage making. Nowadays with digital pictures and movie stills, collaging is a matter of cropping and placing, not physically cutting and pasting. Memorylage makes the most of this technique with a great interface that allows this to be done with professional quality by anyone at home.

Allowing the user to scan in images, take new images with a photobooth, or take images from their stock albums, this creates a literally endless array of possible collages and mixes. You’ll be able to get exactly what you want from a funny mixture of odd photos, to a professional and seamless string of high quality images.

As apps go this one for Windows 8 is made very well and flows extremely smoothly with the built in methods. Customization is simple and effective and editing and placing the pictures comes naturally. If you’re someone who edits photos into collages or likes keeping arrays of associated pictures in one place then this app will do just that the best.

SourceMemorylage for Windows Phone

[Image Credit: Windows Store]

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