The Top 5 Football Games for Android

Google Play is filled with thousands of football apps but these 5 are among the very best. Ranging from manager/executive simulations that let you play the role of a top football league manager to actual football games where you take control of football’s greatest stars, these apps will be sure to excite.

Real Football 2013 (Free)


This app contains a game simulator as well as a management simulator where you must make crucial decisions to boost your team and take them to the championship. In the game simulator mode, you can watch a great simulated match between heated rivals all the way to the end. The app now features an amazing real time update system that reflects changes in team rosters with real photos of each player!

Football Manager Handheld 2013($9.99)


This is another management simulator that focuses mainly on taking the role of a top level league manager. You’ll decide how your teams train, team strategy, and manage the growth of your stadium. The app includes in-app purchases for instant upgrades to facilities or your league’s funds. One fun feature is having to manage scenarios inspired from real life situations researched by Sports Interactive’s scouting network.

FIFA 12 by EA Sports ($7.98)


This is the only official FIFA app on Android and has one of the best actual playing experiences out there. You can take control of many of football’s biggest stars and take to the field. The app has a lot of simple controls to pull off stylish moves and precision kicks. The graphics on this app are top notch.

Flick Shoot (Free)


This app focuses of the physics of kicking and features a realistic physics engine. There are many modes from Multiplayer to Targets and the goal is to kick the ball as accurately as possible or get it by the goalie. It’s simple but great fun.

Football Kicks (Free)


This is another great app focusing on free kicks. From Beat the Wall to heart pounding Sudden Death Mode, this app will provide hours of entertainment. You can even earn FK coins and purchase extras and upgrades.

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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