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Cloud Print for Android, the Official Printing App From Google

Google has finally released an official cloud printing app, unsurprisingly named Cloud Print for Android devices. The app allows for a printer to be registered to the cloud through Google’s services. Once a printer is registered, you can print from almost any imaginable device but now it’s easier than ever with the Android version. Why Google took so long to release their official version of the app for their own mobile OS is a mystery when there are so many cloud printing apps on the market already.

The app has settings for print jobs that can be sent over the cloud to the printer for customizing features like color and resolution. If your printer doesn’t have native support for cloud print, you can download the desktop version from Google and use your PC or Mac to communicate with the printer.

Once everything is set up, Cloud Print does the rest. You can print from anywhere you have a data or internet connection from your Android device. Almost anything that is shareable on your Android device can be printed. Want to send a quick physical copy of a document sitting on your phone to someone at the office? Within a few seconds, they can have that document in hand with the power of Cloud Print!

Cloud Print is available free on Google Play. If you’ve ever had trouble printing from your Android device, give Cloud Print a try. It’s not only free, it does a fantastic job.

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