CamFind: The Amazing App for Revolutionizing Searches

Have you ever had that thing you can’t quite describe to someone, but you have it right in front of you? That object you want to get another one of, but no one has any idea what you’re talking about? We’ve all been there and as frustrating as it is the struggle can end now. CamFind is an app that allows you to take a picture of virtually any object, receive information on that object, and give you web results on where to find it or buy it too. This is truly one of those apps that are changing the way we can find and receive information.

If you’ve ever had a run in with Google Goggles, an app which is in intention very similar to CamFind then you probably quickly realized that the things you were snapping pictures of in hopes to find were not correctly identified and maybe even mixed you up more than you were to begin with. CamFind is not only incredibly accurate, but in the real world puts Google Goggles to shame. CamFind is undoubtedly the way to go with the world of innovative searches on the internet. I have a feeling this app is going to become one of those household names where everyone has it and everyone uses it in no time.

You can finally scrap all of those time wasting and memory hogging search apps and widgets and keep your best new friend CamFind in the queue. CamFind might be a tiny bit slower than Google Goggles, but the way it returns accurate searches with relevant information you actually need is where the app truly has benefits that outweigh any possible negatives. Go try out CamFind today and you won’t regret it.

Source: CamFind App for iPhone

[Image Credit: Apple iTunes Store]

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