EaseUS FileManager App for Windows 8 & Windows RT

Microsoft Corporation has put extensive emphasis on the Modern User-Interface, commonly referred to as the Metro UI, when they launched the Windows 8 operating system, but quite sarcastically did not comprise of a native latest-style file manager in the most recent version of their Windows OS. Perhaps the application giant prefers others to stick fully to the desktop File Explorer when it comes to their file management needs, which in all frankly happens to be relatively cumbersome to make use of on a Windows RT gadget.

Those who consider managing their files without even leaving the Metro environment can opt for third-party apps for file management like Files&Files or Metro Commander from the Windows app store. Presently, there have been several other means stumbled which is simple yet robust Windows 8 file manager known as EaseUS FileManager and merely could not wait to try it. The review is as under:

Supporting a user-friendly and elegant interface, the app enables users to browse through their files in a spontaneous manner implementing the Metro design language. The screen of the app classifies the items into three different sections called as the Common Folder, the Recent and Favorite, all of which is very much clear. The ‘Common Folder’ comprises of user’s Video, Music and Picture folders and offer them with a quick access to such common locations. The app is wise itself as it automatically determines these folders even on the first run. Users can also add other folders to their Favorites manually by making use of the Add Favorite tab that is on the app bar. Users can even start browsing the content of any of their folders by picking the option of ‘Choose a Folder’ tile. All the directories that are being accessed in this way can also be added to the recent Folders list right on the main screen for immediate access later.

Most of the third party file manager applications enable users to easily categorize the items by their type, name, size, date and others. And gratefully, the EaseUS FileManager is no exclusion either. It not only enables users to classify the items, but also let them Pin their frequently accessed or favorite folders or files right to their start screen. All users need to do here is to right click on a file or folder, and then hit the Favorite button available in the app bar will immediately add the directory to the recent or favorite folders that are on the main screen.

Multiple items can also be selected through the right-click mouse button, or implying the tap and hold will work on the RT devices. Once you have picked the items, A manage button will pop up in the application bar, enabling you to perform the required actions such as Cut, Copy, Rename, Move to, Copy to, Delete, and Recycle. Users can also create new directories by clicking over the New Folder button, which is at the bottom right.

As most of the document and media files such as text, video and audio items are opened using the default applications associated with the file extension, photos can be viewed directly in the EaseUS FileManager’s app interface.
EaseUS FileManager happens to be a great addition made available to the Windows app Store’s library. However, it works on Windows RT and Windows 8 only.

Source: EaseUS FileManager for Windows Phone

[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]

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