The 5 Best Android Apps For Twitter Users

The marketplace is crowded with Twitter apps from clients to apps that complement the Twitter experience. It can be hard to find a real diamond in the rough among them, but here are five of the very best out there. Even better, they’re all free.



This is one of the premiere Twitter clients and has too many features to name. If you can think of something you’d want to do with Twitter, it’s almost assured that twicca can do it. The interface is very light and you can choose to highlight accounts you’ve subscribed to with different colors to make reading easier. It also has an experimental feature for multiple accounts which is very convenient.



With Buffer, you can schedule automatically spaced posts on Twitter and Facebook of content that you like. It’s integrated with all of the major reader apps like Instapaper, Evernote, Zite, etc. and you simply add a story to your ‘Buffer’ where it will be tweeted or posted to Facebook. It also features Twitter analytics so you can see how popular your posts are or who’s been reading them.

Tweets Nearby


In case you couldn’t guess, Tweets Nearby is an app to view nearby tweets. The app shows tweets in real time from users within walking distance of you that can be viewed on a map. You can then interact with any of these users by tweeting them, texting, or just reading their tweets. It’s a fun way to see what’s going on around your area and potentially meeting some new friends.


This app is a fantastic Twitter manager. If you’ve ever found yourself with many followers and no good way to organize them, is the answer. You can view who recently followed/unfollowed you, who chose to follow you back, compare and search users, and more. The lists of who you follow and who follows you, whitelists, and blocked users are there as well as the core Twitter actions like following or blocking users.

The Social Radio for Twitter


The Social Radio for Twitter turns your Twitter feed into a live radio broadcast that reads your incoming tweets and plays your personal music in the background. It’s a clever idea and a fun way to consume your Twitter feed while occupied with something else. Besides reading your own tweets, it can mix in trending topics, hashtags, and more to enrich the experience. The app auto-detects what language the tweets are in and adjusts on the fly to read it to you correctly. It can even read some common emoticons and text abbreviations.

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