Skype WiFi: Over 1 Million Pay for Use WiFi Hotspots by Skype Worldwide

When traveling abroad the wireless internet can be spotty and best, and downright frustrating at its worst. Although the world is filled with wireless internet and cell phone towers, tapping into those streams while on the move can be tricky and annoying to actually accomplish. Skype has just simplified this whole process with their worldwide network of wireless internet hotspots.

It comes down to pay for use by minute through Skype credit itself. This eliminates the use of other third party logins and having the hassle of trying to navigate through the systems of wifi or password protected hotspots that are always more trouble than they’re worth.

The integration of this type of worldwide service with Skype, an app that almost everyone has, is the key to the simplicity of the whole concept. Using Skype as the login to access these WiFi spots makes it so much more simple to pay, use, and accomplish tasks quickly and easily.

The price of various hotspots vary with their location, but the price of the particular hotspot you are going to connect to will always have a clearly identified price that you can agree to. If you need to cut down on roaming and outrageous cell prices while traveling abroad or on the go, Skype WiFi is the solution you have been looking for. Able to be installed on any device with WiFi capability, it is as simple as getting the app, logging in, and getting online. There is no fuss, no hidden fee, and no more tricky interfaces to figure out before getting online. Skype really solved quite a problem for any travelers with this app and linked together the slew of third party WiFi connection companies around the world.

Google Play: Skype WiFi for Android

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