Take That Instagram! Back Up Your Instagram Files and Get an Alternative Picture App

Yesterday the social media world was set ablaze with talk of Instagram’s new terms and conditions which contained a clause allowing the company to take ownership and rights of the pictures being taken with the app. This obviously enraged many users who heard that their personal and private pictures may now be, legally, the property of someone else. Although Instagram was quick to combat these claims the clear writing in the new terms speak for themselves. They state that users of the app give the company, ”non-exclusive, fully paid and royalty free, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide licence to use the content that you post on or through the service”. So, they own your stuff. Want to switch from the service, but don’t want to lose all of your photos you’ve spent the last couple of years taking? Keep reading for not only how to back up your files, but how to find out which photo take apps could replace your old friend, Instagram.

Backing Up Your Instagram Files:

All you need to do to save all of those sepia self shots is go to this website http://instaport.me/ From there, simply login to your account, and choose an export service and download the .zip file. It really couldn’t be much simpler. Now you don’t have to forget about all of those meals you’ve eaten over the past few years.

Switching Your Photos to a New Service:

Back in the early days of online photo sharing there was a name synonymous with the craft, Flickr. Surprisingly the site became very antiquated, but recently came out with a new app which is great for photo services similar to those that Instagram provided. If you decide you want to take this Flickr app for a spin and want to transfer all of your memories from Instagram to Flickr simply go to “freethephotos.com” and log into an account you have for both services and the transfer will be done in a flash. Now you have switched out Instagram to Flickr!

Alternative Apps to Instagram:

If you’re thinking that hearing about backing up files is great and all, but you just want to have a different photo app then luckily there are several great options available.

Flickr has filters, full social media integration for sharing, and is free. It’s a great alternative to Instagram and offers almost all of the exact same features.

Pixl-O-Matic is for those who loved taking those grainy pictures with random color themes that look like they were dug out of an old shoe box from the 70s. If you’re into that retro vibe then check out this app. It’s a great app for light editing and photo manipulation.

Hipster is a fun app for taking photos and adding text, sharing with social media, and allows a unique feature of creating postcards. This is another great app with all of the features you could want.

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