Sidebar Pro: The multitasking app for Android Devices

There hasn’t been an award winning app like this is quite some time and once you use Sidebar you’ll realize why. This is truly an amazing and revolutionary addition to any Android user’s experience with their mobile device. Anyone who has a Mac or a PC equipped with a sidebar knows exactly how useful it is. Now combining that with the services on a phone make it that much more seamless and easy to transition from app to app.

Sidebar comes in two forms. There is the free Lite version, and the paid Pro version. Depending on how heavy of a user of your device you may just need the Lite, but if you need a lot of things open and easy to access then Pro is surely the way to go. The main difference in features between the Pro and Lite versions is that with Pro you have the option to pin unlimited amounts of apps, widgets and shortcuts to your Sidebar. With Lite you can only have 8 and 3 widgets. To some that may be limiting but to others it’s all they need.

The Pro version also comes with more customization options beyond what the Lite comes with which are, size adjustment, color scheme, and vibration toggle. The Pro just adds a few more things like notification disabling, lock items, live apps and custom icons. All in all unless you are a very heavy user of multiple apps or need twenty things going on at once, the Lite version will suffice.

The one thing that’s for sure is that all of the awards this app has been winning have not been wrongly assigned. This app has made navigating and using Android a much better experience for me ever since I started using it. No longer do I have to make crazy back presses or cut back to the home screen when I don’t want to. I can just use the sidebar to pop up and go exactly where I want, when I want.

Google Play: Sidebar Lite | Sidebar Pro

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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