Swapps! The Application Switcher We’ve Been Waiting For

The Android interface is incredible, fast and continuously improving based heavily on the contribution of apps. One feature that a few Android devices have tinkered with, but have not fully mastered or become mainstream is the use of an in app option to switch to other apps. Swapps! Has accomplished this in a way that makes navigating through apps and going from app to app the most seamless transition possible.

There’s not a whole lot to say about this app other than every Android device would be better off with it installed. Depending on the device you have switching from one app to the other either requires a back button press, a home button press, or a combination of that and then navigating through a list of apps to find the one you now want. With Swapps!, now you can go from being in one app to being in another without ever exiting out. This saves large amounts of time since Swapps! Is also synced with your activity and saves your previously opened apps and most frequently opened apps. Going from the weather check to Facebook can be as simple as a few taps of the screen and no load time in between when using Swapps!

A simple swipe of the corner of the screen will activate the Swapps menu and allow you to view and choose the next app you want to use. This swipe area can also be customized to be changed width wise, side or height. This means it can be exactly the size you want it to be without being intrusive or annoying on whatever size or model of phone you’re using. Check out Swapps today for a great way to make the easiest movement between apps on Android.

Google Play: Swapps All Apps Everywhere for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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