Splashtop Remote Desktop: Take Your Computer With You Anywhere

Splashtop is a truly revolutionary way to experience your computer without being in front of it. This takes remote desktop apps to a whole new level of performance and execution. I have been caught up on the idea of remote desktop apps being laggy, unresponsive and largely a waste of time and money up until I used Splashtop. I use a Mac and a PC in my regular, everyday life. Carrying both of those with me around while I’m on the go is incredibly unrealistic and would not only consume massive amounts of space, but it’s just very impractical. With Splashtop I can basically have every benefit of carrying my computers with me in the palm of my hand.

Splashtop is offered as a paid app for Android devices in the cheaper version and and HD version. The HD is for people who really want to have the screen and the resolution of their computer with them on the go. All you need to do is install the app on your Android device and then install the software on your computer which is very simple to do. Once this is set up you can have access to your desktop and all of your computer’s functions right from your Android device.

This is one of the most beneficial apps I have ever used in my personal and professional life to keep myself uninhibited by weight and space of computers while keeping all of my technology with me and ready to go. There is no better feeling than having the power of a computer in the access of your phone. It really has changed the way I am able to stay mobile and get work done while monitoring the things only a computer can do.

Google Play: Splashtop Remote Desktop | Splashtop Remote Desktop HD

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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