EveryCircuit: A Great Educational App on Electric Circuits

This is a pretty impressive app for anyone to use. If you are a student or a professional that deals with electronics this app will be useful in more ways than you could imagine. EveryCircuit is the name of the app and it appropriately is able to simulate every single circuit configuration you could think of. Learning about circuitry and all of the laws, rules, and forms from a book or a worksheet will never be the same with this app helping you along as well. If you are involved in a college course, a high school class or just an avid fan of this kind of technology you seriously need to have this app.

I knew almost nothing about circuitry when I took my first electrical engineering class in college. I still remember the nightmares about learning and memorizing all of the Ohm, and Kirchhoff laws. If I had this app back then it would have made so much more sense and been so much easier to figure out.

This app isn’t just a diagram app with pretty pictures and neat graphics. It has a huge repertoire of educational information woven into it with animations, capacitor changing options, numerous simulations, and endless components to build off of. The free version has most of the features the paid version does, but the only difference is that the area in which to build and run circuits is smaller. For those people who need larger test areas and more expansive networks available for their simulations then the paid version would be your best bet.

The reviews on the helpfulness and accuracy of this app are not exaggerated. It is a pretty niche app and not a game or a app for people to just play around on, but for those of you who have circuitry in your lives it will be a priceless addition.

Google Play : EveryCircuit (Free) | EveryCircuit (Paid)


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  1. EVERYCIRCUIT (you must read the TERMS OF USE first…its criminal)
    The app Crashes en masses out of the blue. Many parts missing. Workspace way too small. It lacks on plenty necessary options such as blocking undesired person such as HURZ a.m.m. Who stalk you with primitive aggressive insulting comments putting down other users and their work. These people are intentional bad and get free hand to go on. An idiot called Igor at MuseMaze protects these inappropriate aggressors and kicks righteous user out so that they cannot access community or their own files. He censors and deletes comments or circuits to the favor of assholes like HURZ. Sorry for this strong lingo, but that describes it perfectly. Igor just decided to kick other people out and makes a full version a limited one…he deletes user accounts no questions asked…500 published circuits gone…that is very illegal…but he even doesn’t care. No answers, no details…the police will find them. Apple has been informed about their criminal attitude.
    I cannot recommend them at all!

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