SntapCamera A Buttonless, Swipe and Tap Based Camera App for iOS

There’s no arguing that Apple’s stock apps are very well built, designed and incredibly practical. One aspect of them that leaves some of us who are in a rush is the multitude of features and options almost every single app has. For example the camera app that comes native with iOS devices often times is just enough not too simple or crazy, but it could be even easier to use. SntapCamera is a free app that was just released for the iOS that can make picture taking and sharing to Facebook even easier.

The key behind SntapCamera’s design is that it is completely buttonless. There is no physical button press needed, and everything that you need to do is able to be accomplished by tapping, holding a press, and sliding your finger. It strips down a camera app to the bare bones, but often times that’s all most camera users want.

A great feature of this app is that from the same viewfinder you can choose to either just tap once and capture that image, or hold a tap to begin a video. This enables the user to go from a picture or a video without having to bring up a menu and deal with a little toggle icon in the midst of the action.

With the most simple, one swipe option to share the picture you just took on Facebook, it couldn’t be an easier ending to the easiest picture you ever captured. Not that there’s anything inherently wrong with the iOS stock camera app, but if you ever wanted something really quick and easy just give this free app, SntapCamera a try.

Source: SntapCamera for iOS

[Image Credit: Apple iTunes Store]

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