Next Browser: A New Contender to the Android Web Browsing World

The realm of internet browsers in the Android marketplace is riddled with incredibly high quality, high functioning options which would leave even the pickiest user completely satisfied. So, why would anyone attempt to reinvent the wheel and take a stab at this world of already overpopulated greatness? I don’t know, but I’m glad someone did. Next Browser is a new online browsing tool which is quickly showing off its potential after only having been released a couple of days ago. It is fast, free, easy to use, and most importantly incredibly well designed.

It has everything you’ve ever wanted in a browser, tabbed options, complete customization, adjustable search options, a multitude of extensions, and bookmark syncing. It’s basically like if the top three: Firefox, Chrome, and Dolphin had a love child and thus, Next Browser was born. It works so well that with a few tweaks and updates it could become the next household name and the go to option for browsing.

It has the best of all of the worlds in the most easily customized interface I’ve seen. With a great “speed dial” front page to access your most common pages, bookmark selections and everything else you want to see right when you open a browser it comes out of the gates swinging. As of now, it might be hard to say this would be a full replacement for the mighty Dolphin Browser, but it’s a very good attempt and given time and a few adjustments to the bookmark settings and desktop syncing it could very well be just as good.

Source: Next Browser for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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