Smart Screen ON/OFF: Two Great Apps for Controlling the Screen of Your Device

If there is one thing that is a pain about smart phones these days it it the fact that almost every single device has no physical buttons on the front, only one awkwardly placed one somewhere out of reach with a normal one handed grip. I know this is nit picking, but in these days of instant gratification and constant improvement, it’s surprising we have put up with this for so long. There are now easy solutions to this issue with the Smart Screen Off, and Smart Screen On apps.

The way it works is pretty simple. The app uses the proximity sensor built into almost every phone to turn on or off the phone rather than a button. This means turning on the screen can be just as easy as sliding your finger across the top of the phone, no button presses needed. You know how when you’re on the the phone and the screen shuts off when the phone is next to your head, but then lights up again when you pull it away to glance at the screen? That’s the proximity sensor doing its magic. The same technology is put to use with these apps.

If you need to unlock your phone without using a physical button, simply using Smart Screen On, slide your finger over the sensor to initiate the screen. With Smart Screen Off, the sensor will automatically read when the phone is placed back into a pocket or holster and turn the screen off for you. This is a great set of apps that are available in both LITE and PRO versions unlocking even more customization and flexibility within the app. The app automatically disables itself in landscape so that the hands over the sensor won’t stay active and turn the screen off or on by accident.

If you’v ever wanted your screen unlocking and turning off to be almost automatic and much less of an inconvenience check these apps out.

Google Play : Smart Screen ON | Smart Screen OFF

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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