How To: Automatically Adjusts Ringer Volume By Assessing Environmental Noise

We all may have been in situations where the ringtones we have chosen bawls loudly especially when the environment is quite, and causes embarrassment followed by a regrettable decision of selecting a tone that should be changed immediately. Often, obviously, we require having a loud tone, so while we perhaps often draw unnecessary attention, it is certainly worth opting for one of the louder settings which never let miss a call. With a great app such as Intelligent Ringer for Android, you can enjoy the most excellent times of both scenarios, as the app makes use of your gadgets mic to sense how noisy your environment is, and then adjusts the ringer volume in accordance to it.

It is such a great idea, and taking into account how ‘smarter’ over Smartphones have turned out to be, it is exceedingly surprising that such a practice is not native to most of the major ecosystems.

XDA-Developers team member soulreaver1has designed this app called as the Intelligent Ringer. It makes attempt to dismiss that element of surprise as a loud incoming call disrupts you, and all those who are around you. By determining the noise levels of your surroundings the Smartphone is in using the camera mic, it regulates the ringer volume as required in quiet environments such as meetings, hospitals and library, and higher when you are in areas like a disco party or anything.

With the app’s settings, users can eagerly adjust the accuracy and sensitivity of the microphone along with the “pocket factor” and minimizing the level of volume. Therefore, opting for a trial and error approach may be needed in order to tweak the aptitude of the Intelligent Ringer app, but once you have been able to fully optimize it, you should be able to keep away from any horrible surprises.

Intelligent Ringer apps runs on all the Android devices supporting operating system Android 2.3 Gingerbread or even higher, and is a completely free download from the Google’s Play Store. If you are an individual who do not prefer missing out an important call being in quieter surroundings, this is the app you can opt for! Get it now be at ease!

Source : Intelligent Ringer for Android on Play Store

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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