Carbon for Twitter: The Best Twitter Client for Android

Carbon for Twitter on Android smart phones is the cleanest and best way to view and use Twitter on your handheld device. Without all of the extra fuss and muss of most social media apps, Carbon makes the interface so much smoother and seamless while providing the same Twitter experience that you know and love.

With tilt controls and smart scrolling the navigation of Carbon is like flowing through the air rather than crawling through molasses. There’s no hold up of table after table and drop down after drop down. What you want is what you get and what you see is exactly what you wanted to.

This is a new app and is continuously being updated. For a dry run of an app it is quite great and you can see the potential far above other Twitter clients. Just like the name suggests, it is sleek and modern in design and execution.

If you’re a fan of Twitter you owe it to yourself to check out Carbon. Although there currently is no integration for tablets, at the pace this app is coming along with updates there will be integration soon enough. Not to mention it’s free; can’t go wrong there!

Android: Carbon for Twitter App

[Images Credit: Google Play Store]

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