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Seene Brings 3D Photos To iOS & Android

Ever been jealous of the 3D photos that some smartphones are capable of? Seene aims to remedy that envy for iOS users by bringing full 3D photography without the need for dual cameras or any special equipment. All you need is a device running iOS 7.0 or later with a camera, and you’re all set to begin taking and sharing 3D photos.


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To take a photo, you choose a subject and take an initial calibration photo. Seene needs a certain number of reliable points on the subject for comparison, with good ones showing up in green. If there aren’t enough, you won’t be able to take a 3D photo and will need to adjust your lighting or subject. Seene will then ask you to slowly move the camera around the subject to gather data to generate the final 3D photo. There are four indicators that appear on screen that turn green when you’ve obtained enough data in that direction. The process is somewhat tricky and may take a few attempts before it produces an acceptable 3D image. It also has problems with transparent objects and on occasion a weird blending between background and foreground happens. Once it works however, the results are pretty amazing and the photo shifts in 3D with each movement of the device’s gyroscope in your hand.

Once you’re satisfied with a photo and would like to share it, you can save it on the device or view it on Seene’s website through your account or make it viewable by anyone. Your 3D photos can also be embedded in certain sites and expanded support is very likely. You can also like, share, and favorite photos from other users which brings a social network element to the app.

Seene is a fun new take on photos for anyone interested in 3D. It’s available free on iTunes with an Android version in the works. Good luck getting your cat to stay still though.

Source: Seene Android | Seene iOS

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