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5 Best Android Art & Drawing Apps 2015

Android has become so much popular now and the major attraction for the people is thousands of different and interesting applications that offer a really exciting experience for the user’s right in their own mobile phone. There are applications available for people of all ages. This article is a review on top 5 art and drawing applications that are loved and enjoyed by many people.

How to Draw-Easy Lessons:


This is a very cool application for the children who want to become skilled in drawing and it helps them to create their own sketches/pictures. It will provide you with instructions so that you can draw well and learn. The drawing can be of anything like cartoon characters and whatever you like to draw. Children will love it for sure. You can even share your drawing onto Facebook so that the world can also view your talent.

> How to Draw – Easy Lessons for Android

Draw Something Sketchy:


This is another exciting application that lets you to make different sketches. This offers different good features that aid drawing. For example you can choose from different size brushes, variety of colors and much more. It has a lot new to offer in future.

> Draw Something for Android

Magic Doodle Free:


Now you can use your creativity to make portraits. It is one perfect application for art lovers both for people who are skilled at it and also for those who are drawing just for fun. It features the use of real virtual pencil to draw unlike others. It also uses different options that will enhance your painting and will give it a good finishing. You can also share your drawings on Flicker.

> Magic Doodle Free on Google Play

Sketch it Online (Draw and Guess):


This game application is a very unique concept of drawing. It requires selecting any word from the available dictionary and drawing the image of that word. Player has to share the image with a friend who has to guess the word. It is a fun game that is to be played online with multiple players. It also shows the rank of the players. It also has time limits which makes it challenging and fun.

> SketchIt Online [Draw & Guess] on Play Store

Picasso-Mirror Draw:


This is another unique application that will show the mirror image of your drawing. It also allows you to share your images on Facebook or Twitter.

> Picasso: Mirror Draw!

All these applications are very simple and easy to use. They all are available on Google play store to be downloaded for free. So Happy Drawing!

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