Samsung Unveils Mid-Range Smartphone Galaxy Xcover 2 with underwater camera

Today Samsung announced their newest phone in the release lineup. It went heavily unnoticed since the Galaxy line is mostly given publicity to the S lineup, but nonetheless the Xcover 2 is now out there. This phone is sold as a rugged and waterproof phone that can take a beating. Being able to withstand depths of 1 meter the phone is essentially a shower proof, and accidental toilet swim proof device, but isn’t exactly fully waterproof by any means.

The other specs are almost entirely lackluster and honestly kind of surprisingly considering the Samsung name. Only hosting a 5 megapixel camera on the back this phone seems to have put any type of actual luxury to the wayside and mostly caters to people who want a rugged and sturdy dependable phone but not much else.

Featuring three physical buttons, home, back, and menu, the Xcover2 also seems reminiscent of an older generation smartphone. Either way the phone looks solid and will most likely cater to a very targeted audience which will seek out this kind of device when on the market which is why it has probably gone under-publicized.

There are also rumors of the Xcover 2 having a workout program system integrated into it with some sort of cardio trainer too. We’ll see what really ends up happening when the phone is fully launched. Although right now it looks like unless you plan to use your phone for running in the rain or a quick, shallow water photo-shoot this device might be easily overlooked. If you’re a rugged butterfingers who might drop their phone a lot but still wants the dependability and function of a smartphone this one might be for you. If you’re looking to replace your Galaxy S series or iPhone I’d look elsewhere.

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