The Official Yahoo! Weather App Now Available for iPhone

Not much has been heard from Yahoo! In the past few years. In fact, the company all but lost every single internet and technology based battle they were once involved in with Google. They have made it their goal and their dying effort to recreate some sort of success in technology and they have been coming back hitting hard this year. They just released a new official Yahoo! Weather app which looks to be quite an improvement over the native Apple Weather app.

Weather apps aren’t really the most complex things out there. They tell you the weather, and within a certain amount of fluctuation allow you to customize things such as hourly, 5-day forecast, and weekly forecasts. Besides that there really isn’t much to them. Yahoo!’s new weather app does all of that for the iPhone very well. The user interface is great and allows anyone who has never used it before to navigate through it perfectly well.

The other benefit to this weather app is that it actually allows sync with Flickr photos, since Flickr and Yahoo! Are linked. This means in any town or city you are looking at the weather for, a Flickr photo of that same place could very well be the background to the weather information you’re reading up on. This neat little combination of photography and technology is a welcome change to the drab graphics and icons of weather apps currently.

If you’re looking for a better weather experience on your iPhone definitely give Yahoo! Weather a look. It’s a great app and allows you to make the absolute most of a pleasant weather experience. It is simple and easy to use, and if you’re like me you’ll find your native Apple Weather app to be all but replaced.

Source: Yahoo! Weather App for iPhone

[Image Credit: iTunes Store]

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